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HOW TO KILL YOUR SUGAR CRAVING - Flavia Valentini Atelier | Official Website
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I think  evry woman has had this feeling in some period of her life. I mean, when suddenly usually in the afternoon about 4/5:00 p.m you feel angry and absolutely need to eat a sweet snack!  Well we know, this it’s not good for the body an health but at that moment it makes us feel happy!!  Anyway what if you could prevent these feelings and the way to stay completely satisfied from lunch until dinner?! Nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot says When you start the day with proper nutrition, you won’t crave sugar,”who recommends always eating breakfast, preferably one that includes a piece of fruit and organic yogurt. “The most important meal, however, is lunch, where what’s on your plate determines how your afternoon will play out. A lunch that combines fiber and protein will keep you full and happy all afternoon,” she says. The idea of a perfect lunch dish is a mixed green salad or vegetables  and  protein (salmon, chicken, egs, or tofu).  Personally I adding a slice of  zenzero that help me to stay full longer as well and willpower. However in my experience one other important thing to fight sugar cravings is to doing weekly fitness training!