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Who Decides the Music of the Fashion Shows? - Flavia Valentini Atelier | Official Website
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It would be great if in the future the fashion could make the creative process  putting  to  music more and more closely linked!! As in every show the music of parade dictate the atmosphere, rhythm and reflects the cultural influences of the collection and the mood of the moment. The work of defining and realization of the soundtrack of a parade is made by a  fashion sound designer, who must have skills as a musician, DJ, sound engineer and of course also understand something in fashion! The  decision-making process is entirely shared with the designer  and the art director to agree and discuss  the soundstrack and subsequent mixing for the fashion show. So, they meets the sound designer that have the hard work to catch the vibe of the show.. In fact  by the entrance of the first dress on the catwalk begins the last phase of a complex work  lasted many months! In more than ten minutes it condenses and disclose to the public the entirety  project, that why it is necessary using all available means:  accessories, choreography and music! The soundtrack that accompanies a parade plays a very important role of the show, often highlighting  with the choreography the key concept that  inspired the collection and the mood, dictating the rhythm and execution. Some brand choice the pieces to be included in the playlist, or in some cases they ask directly to  musicians or bands that embody very well the spirit of the collection to play a live show during the fashion show..This is one of the most direct methods to connect fashion and music! Some  examples about  the visual consistency between leaders and soundtrack are  like the  Philipp Plein fashion shows, accompanying its sumptuous collections of sportswear street flavor gangsta rap with the work of live performances by rapper Iggy Azalea or Azealia Banks. Also   the latests  parades of  Vistoria Secret’s with Ed Sheran, Lady Gaga, and other well-known musicians on stage.   Even looking to past of Prada fashion house that as early as ’99 the show were accompanied by the sounds of Steve Reich, and still continue nowadays to combine sound that reflect the fashion house inspiration. So, Many of the sound designer big names in the industry have started as a DJ, as the guru Rene Arsenault,  or even looking to the sound designer  Michel Gaubert that has been  creates the perfect Paris fashion week playlist and  has been the musical direction of brands such as Chanel, Valentino, Fendi, Dior, Louis Vitton, Chlo√®, Rodarte, Acne Studios and more. Gaubert grew up worked in record stores, deeyajed in Paris, and now make the sounds of the runway. 

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