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"I try to renew myself and create something every time. In my life I like decide at the last minute. Feel what is in the air and go with my instinct."

What fashion is for me

Keep it simple

Fashion reflects our times, their style trend, society, culture, history. But it is also the mirror of our feelings. The eye of fashion is a very sensitive eye, for this reason is my passion. I am a curious person by nature and the world of fashion is bread for my teeth! I belive that the most interesting people are the ones who are the  most curious and sensitive to every and imperceptible detail and the ones who are not afraid of making mistakes. For me the basic ingredients for a good fashion collection are having an open mind, crowds intelligence and humor. I am a thoughtful person and I like live in my dimension, so I prefer to expressing myself by creating something than talking about. In my work to be onest I don’t know to organize my time methodical, so during "my dead periods" I pitch them overwhelmed by the anxiety of always being late for everything! Anyway I'am a hard worker and I put passion in everything I do. So, in the end I always manage to meet all deadlines. I am always looking for new things to learn, that way I had a “Cliffs Notes” approach to new information. I know a little but of many topics. Which I think it’s perfect for  something like fashion. I like traveling  because it opens my mind and my imagination, I like read everything about everything, that's why I am comfortable in any environment. During my free time I usually doing many things together,  listen music, update me about the last news and with the other hand look at the fashion magazine. Sometimes the work at fashion is really exciting because you can not find such a human sample anywhere else! I mean,  personality who express their self by great imagination and that looking for every extravagant detail! Thanks to fashion, I can see many interesting things, and stay connected with the world of art and craft creation. However the worst part is that there is not enough time. Nowadays fashion has accelerated the creation and production times, in fact more and more there is just enough time to sketch a new ideas and stay updated with the new trends forcasting. Although I disagree with the stereotype that those work in fashion have to be deprived of his personal life, as we see in the movie the" Devil Wears Prada". I think that in this environment there are more chaos and disorganization.  Sometimes I up to start work in the morning and not end before 3am, but that does not bother me, the greatest satisfaction is to see the finished work. I belive that in any environment we have to learn to be patient and well organized. It may sound cliché, but any time is a blessing. So be patient and always appreciate you life! This is my secret,  enjoy every moment and take a long, long time for myself and for pepole who I love!



Who I am

love to create

Hello and thanks for reading! 

I originally born from Rome, Italy,  however my blood is half Italian and half Argentinian (my mom is Argentinan). 

My passion about Fashion and Art has deep roots since I was a child. I was fond of my father's art books and paintings of my granparent's house, passing my time tryng to figure out what they wanted to convey. Already I was liked watching and cutting out the fashion magazine, creating collage, lookbook and enjoyed dressing up to create my outfit steal my mother's clothes. So, I acquired a natural strong sense of aesthetic that i have developed by Fine Arts high school and the Fashion Design studies from the university of architecture department in Florence, gained an award of: " Excellence in Making Design and Vintage". I've also attended some extra courses to improve my fashion skills (Dressmaker, Fashinator Hats, Paper Pattern, Moulage) and studied to become an Image Consultant.  Finished the University I have developed a strong interest in Eastern culture. My Thesis was focused on “How Eastern culture has influenced Western culture and the rest of the world ”.  So,  at a later time I had improved my knowlege on fashion and Eastern culture attended a fashion postgraduate specialization in China (湖北美术学院) Where It was a really wonderful experience and I had an opportunity to practice various types of chinese Fine Arts courses from well know artists. I got  "with honour" my Chinese art name 张俪雅 (Zhang Liya)  that was designed for me by my painting teacher that is also actually a very renowned artist in China. I've also partecipated in activities around the country studyng traditional costumes and customs of Chinese ethnic minorities and Batik fabric technique. Attended the 2015 China Phoenix Culture Festival of Clothing and  I been to the Beijing (China)Fashion Week in relation to Hubei University of Fashion Deparment (HIFA).  During that experience I start to developing my own networks and I contributing as a fashion designer and Image consultant for private clients.

During my life I've always keep working, this allowed me to have a many relevant work experiences that had enabled me to absorb the "fashion system". I mean, to know the details of the catwalks, attend fashion shows, fairs events, and stay current on the latest trends. The expereience as a business projects in direct contact with the management of client companies (even in fields not related to fashion), has allowed me to develop strong communication skills, as understanding and interpretation of the needs of the customer/user, got able to define and solve problems & identifying the right solution taking  the responsibility of my decisions. During my life I made frequent trips abroad for both the personal research phase and also to launch and control of new projects works, so I got also a strong culturally sensitive and Internationally open-mindedness and ability to undestand different culture and conduct business in different languages.

Nowadays I started my freelance business by offering  Fashion Design & Consulence, with the aim of designing and follow entire collections, always bearing in mind the image, the target and the spirit of the brand, customer requirements and market needs. The purpose of my advice is to give a professional service, attentive and efficient to the customer working with the same in order to find the best solutions, the most original ideas and the most appropriate design to requests.

Always curious and enterprising I often taking part of training courses and workshops updating my skills. Nowadays I really enjoy working at international environment, knowing international people and experiment new fashion.                                                                                                                              

Very Valentini Blog

My Blog it's focused on fashion, design, art, travel, and the world of we live. To define & create a two-way dialogue about their capacity to communicate in relationship to daily life. Provide to shared vision, photography and design inspiration in connection with personality, creativity and attitude, want communicate my believes and ethics, to stay true with myself and bring you my personal inspiration, creativity, traveling and point of view.

Going forward, if there is anything you would like to see or ask to me, make sure to tell me. Or, if you wish to discuss a collaboration, just email me at: info@flaviavalentini.com

Thanks again for reading, and I hope we will maintain our relationship in the future!


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