“Ruba tutti i colori del mondo e dipingi la tela della tua vita eliminando il grigio delle paure e delle ansie. Abbandona i tuoi vecchi abiti mentali e vestiti di allegria”🐠 🐬 ❤

  “Steal all the colors of the world and paint the canvas of your life by eliminating the gray of fears and anxieties. Abandon your old mental clothes and dresses of cheerfulness”  🐠 🐬 ❤

The East Asian Lunar New Year celebrations are and were historically  based on the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar (from the last January to early February). The first day of the Chinese New Year 2017 is started on Saturday, 28 January. Chinese New Year is also known as the “Spring Festival” ( 春節) is an important Chinese festival where people wish for a lucky and to celebrating the start of a new business year and wishing for

AltaRoma AltaModa is an event that take place every six months  in Rome. This year took place from 26 to 29 January 2017 at the ex caserma  Guido Reni, brought on the catwalk the high-fashion lines of the best Roman fashion houses for the new spring summer 2017 couture collections The complete schedule of events AltaRoma is available on the official website of the event :   AltaRoma has traditionally been mainly


“Creating a wedding dress is an act of love. It’s a thought applied to a physicality to a look up to the atmosphere to the idea of the mood. The perfect dress may have all the ingredients  combined to create a magic vibes.  Fashion designer  have to take into account many aspects, like applying fragments that have a historicity and cultural references in new modernity.”

Here I am! Roma Sposa wedding fair it’s over ! It started on of January 19 to 23 at the Fair of Rome, Italy (Fiera di Roma). I went to the discovery what are the new trends and proposals of  wedding 2017/2018. The bride of the year is  charming and romance under the creative profile and applied. A bride who loves the story, in fact this year there are an important return

"Good evening! Yesterday I attended a workshop at the John Cabot University, so I am pleased to share with you some business tips received during the seminar!"

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It would be great if in the future the fashion could make the creative process  putting  to  music more and more closely linked!! As in every show the music of parade dictate the atmosphere, rhythm and reflects the cultural influences of the collection and the mood of the moment. The work of defining and realization of the soundtrack of a parade is made by a


Let’s look at some very common vocabulary differences. There are lots more but these ones are very useful when travelling!


British English                     American English



Before you do absolutely anything else, you need to find a tube of black liquid eyeliner and lacquer your lid in a thick line, from the very first baby lash closest to your nose all the way out to the corner of your eye, then up into a point like a cat.


The much loved Vogue Italian editor Franca Sozzani has passed away on thursday in Milan, Italy. After a year-long illness. She was 66 years old. During her 28 year at the helm of Vogue Italia. In a letter published on the Vogue Italia website,  Condé Nast, wrote: “This is the saddest news I have ever had to report to you.”  Said that she died with her son Francesco by her side. 

Anyone working in creative industries, especially fashion, knows only too well the challenging nature of the job.

Emma Mamo. (Head of workplace wellbeing at Mind, a mental health charity).


  I think  evry woman has had this feeling in some period of her life. I mean, when suddenly usually in the afternoon about 4/5:00 p.m you feel angry and absolutely need to eat a sweet snack!  Well we know, this it’s not good for the body an health but at that moment it makes us feel happy!!  Anyway what if you could prevent