“Ruba tutti i colori del mondo e dipingi la tela della tua vita eliminando il grigio delle paure e delle ansie. Abbandona i tuoi vecchi abiti mentali e vestiti di allegria”🐠 🐬 ❤

  “Steal all the colors of the world and paint the canvas of your life by eliminating the gray of fears and anxieties. Abandon your old mental clothes and dresses of cheerfulness”  🐠 🐬 ❤

Creating a Wedding Dress

  “Creating a wedding dress is an act of love. It’s a thought applied to a physicality to a look up to the atmosphere to the idea of the mood. The perfect dress may have all the ingredients  combined to create a magic vibes.  Fashion designer  have to take into […]

Quote of the Day

Before you do absolutely anything else, you need to find a tube of black liquid eyeliner and lacquer your lid in a thick line, from the very first baby lash closest to your nose all the way out to the corner of your eye, then up into a point like […]

Quote of the Day

“Anyone working in creative industries, especially fashion, knows only too well the challenging nature of the job“. Emma Mamo. (Head of workplace wellbeing at Mind, a mental health charity).  

Quote of the Day

  “One spend a lifetime, preparing for something”. Sándor Márai


    “No great genius has ever existed without a strain of madness.” Aristotle  

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One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.

Karl Lagerfeld