Fashion born in the streets, through careful observation of the people. Is from  the clash between the most different realities that unleashes the creativity to which the artist gives life the new inspiration.

Fashion is not a matter of class, or superficiality. Fashion is a means to express  personality, every style becomes personal when it expresses a way of feeling and being, even of a moment, fashion makes every single person and it reflects the society in which we live.

For me the superficiality is anyone that stopping on appearances and remains firm in his judgment indifferent.



We always talk about how a person is dressed giving it a judgement. Are they elegant or not?

But Elegance is an attitude and not exclusively tied to a piece of clothing! So when you learn to be well dressed you also should learn a moving in a certain way, siting in a certain way. Hands, face, body, have a stylish attitude movements.  That belive me it does not mean beauty! The elegance has all its codes. Surely you happened to know women or men who are not beautiful for standard canons, but who have a something that is most fascinating of the beauty in itself. Many women and men aspire to be elegant without understanding the true meaning of this term, they buy in a lifetime, tons of clothes, bags, shoes, without getting results in their image. Sometimes people believe they  game well,  combining with the same color shoes, bag, jacket. Old style. But they are not at all elegant and dosn’t  look stylish in the eyes of most. Having personality helps you find your own style. The important thing is to find your expression of your personality and way of wearing clothes. Maybe if it is not exactly pure elegance, will be that you feel free in your own style.


This job is a profession seemingly full of glamour and superficiality. In fact, it implies a cultural backround, strong sensibility, creativity and a technical approach to high level. Is a profession that is born from the passion for fashion but it is a technical trade. Personal taste is put to the final place. This sector have may stuff , techniques trends that are evolving all the time. So i must study all time from the study of colorimetry to camouflage techniques, from the physical study of an individual with his personality and lifestyle, including marketing trends forecasting, new fabrics and sales techniques. It is a continuous growth path that leads to continually update me. Each country has its own characteristics, which should be analyzed evolutions.

Fashion is not only attends for people of high economic level. It is for everyone to ask for advice to look for their own style and see if what you wear communicates the message that you want to communicate effectively. It's s not a luxury. I sawmany pepole underestimate these moments and lose sight of the messages they send with their clothing. The professional consulant should be viewed therefore as a long term investment to avoid mistakes in the choice of clothes and they are not worn.

In addition to the fashion design I provide a consulting service that aims to improve the appearance, the way of dressing and the portament, I mean work on what is called "non-verbal communication." In fact, I call what I do "Informal Education" because it's not a school formal approach. This is not to simply make shopping with the customer, but also to choose to work on the image according to the person and to the work context. Work on the image is not a cosmetic issue, always has repercussions on owr personality and the way of relating to themselves and to others.


There an issue in this profession which is often a source of debate. Some time I bump into people who have a critical vision of fashion with phrases like: “I don't  care how I look, I’am not superficial, I have nothing to prove, I have to please people for who I am.”  So, I think that this people have to understand better that the style and how we look  is part of the same society we live in and has a very important aspect. Don’t get stuck on a question of principle. The way you show yourself to the society can send any type of message that way the choice is yours! A little effort can make better watch yourself and your partner! There is a very strong difference working with a person cured and clean  or one that just don't care about it. And not just because maybe other people judge you but because they don’t feel respected. Did you ever going out to dinner with someone who does not like the idea of spending even 2 minutes to prepare? Did you feel belittled, not considered right?  Here is the same for everyone. So why else should worry about make you comfortable but not you?   With a simple gesture you can give value at the time, to make every day a little ‘more enjoyable for everyone.


“You can’t connect the dots looking forwards;

You can only connect them looking backwards”

-Steve Jobs