Flavia Valentini, FLAVIA VALENTINI Roma's Founder and Creative Director began designing and making swimwear and clothes as a child. While growing up in Rome, Italy. Flavia fell in love with the process of creating and felt pride in bringing beauty and craftsmanship with ethical and sustainable work. The passion about fashion and art has deep roots since she was a child. She wased fond of her granparent’s house art & painting books acquired a natural strong sense of artistic aesthetic that she was developed by architecture high school in Rome, and the Fashion Design studies from the University of Architecture department in Florence, gained an award of: “ Excellence in Making Design and Vintage“. After the University studies Flavia has developed a strong interest in Eastern culture improved attended a fashion postgraduate specialization in China, at the University centre of Wuhan (湖北美术学院) Where she got the Chinese Art Name: (张俪雅 -Zhang Liya) designed from her painting master (very renowned artist in China). She also partecipated in activities around Asia studyng traditional costumes and customs of Chinese ethnic minorities and Batik fabric technique. Attended the 2015 China Phoenix Culture Festival of Clothing and partecipated to the Beijing Fashion Week in relation to Hubei University of Fashion Deparment (HIFA). Flavia made frequent trips abroad in the last few years for both the personal research phase and also to the launch and control of various projects. Obtaining strong culturally sensitive and Internationally open-mindness. Flavia created her label of swim and resort couture, evening wear in Rome, Italy. In 2003 Flavia Valentini was chosen as the location for the brand’s first flagship store in Via Belsiana 101/B (Piazza di Spagna). Flavia Valentini also established a small laboratory in her hometown, where local women are taught craftsmanship skills that enable them fulfilling work as artisans.


Craftsmanship is at the center of the FLAVIA VALENTINI brand. Flavia combines the skill and traditions of Made in Italy handcrafted clothing with modern, fresh design and exclusive textile prints made in atelier.

Each garment is handcrafted and studied down to the smallest details.

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