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eyes on the world


We are proud to be a founder member of  Ocean Lover Foundation.

We can’t save the world alone, but by doing something good we hope to inspire others to follow”.  

According to a recent report, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the seas & oceans than fish. We all have to engage and work against it. At Flavia Valentini, we’re committed to creating garments that not only feel good, but are also ethically  and made to the environment in mind. Unique relationship with sustainable development shines through clearly in our prints “Eyes on the World collections“. Unifying the principles of art, culture and inclusivity. We are commitment to pursue to treat our world through careful choices and innovative materials and production processes. We pushes closer towards achieving our sustainable goals. Beliving on the power that each other united are better !

Join Us On The Journey


We champion inclusivity, diversity and equality. Our creative vision is a desire to empower people to live a life of self-expression and respect people different from you.


We are committed to increasing our innovation of recycled and regenerated alternatives.


We support and create projects and shared value. Our activities focus on environmental operations, education and communication.

Discover our ongoing commitment to reinforce our culture of purpose, demonstrating our values ​​through innovative active initiatives social and environmental sustainability.

Ocean Lover Foundation

We Give Back the 1% of our gross income to support the fondation working to protect the vital coasts and oceans and to help other charity and organization to protect marine environment, and sustainable projects around the world.

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