Code of Ethics

Flavia Valentini is a luxury brand company that produces 100% Made in Italy with headquarters located in Via dei Redentoristi, 9, Rome (Italy).

The company pursues a strategy that puts ethics at the forefront, ensuring that personnel, clients and shareholders alike are satisfied in the way FLAVIA VALENTINI establishes trust in business.


Flavia Valentini drafted this Code of Ethics, which integrates the framework of rules whereon its Corporate Governance system is based, incorporating the provisions set forth in Legislative Decree 231/2001 with regards to the enforcement of an organizational model aimed to prevent any criminal behaviour listed in the decree thereof.

Ethical behaviour and sustainability are at the heart of the way the company does business.

There is no sustainable business without trust. And this trust is based above all on our ability to demonstrate our day-to-day commitment to responsible business management.

The policy of Flavia Valentini always consisted in seeking sustainable business with honesty and integrity, in accordance to high moral and ethical principles. To ensure a full compliance with said principles, reference thereof was made in this Code, which shall be applied to any employee and associate which intends to promote among its employees and associates in order to create a diffused awareness of the assembly of values and rules of conduct the Company intends to constantly refer to throughout the exercise of its business activities.

This Code of Ethics lists the undertakings and the responsibilities taken by directors and staff during the conduction of the business and while managing the relationship with their stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and, furthermore all those individuals or groups, as well as organizations and institutions representing them, the interests thereof are influenced by the activities of the company). They are principles of conduct to be enforced and adopted in the execution of dayto-day business activities; they shall not be in any case construed as repealing or limiting any law or regulation or collective labour contract in force, which, however, directors, employees and staff are obliged to know and comply with.

Non ethical conducts jeopardise the image of the Company, favouring hostile attitudes against it and endangering the trust of the stakeholders. Conducts violating any principle listed in this Code and any attitude aimed to the usurpation of benefits exploiting any dominant position shall be held as non-ethical.


Updated: September 9, 2021

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