Cura del Prodotto

Caring for your garments help them to last a long time. There are some easy steps you can take to extend the life of your Flavia Valentini Pieces.

How should I Care for my Flavia Valentini garment?

Use Cold Water. Washing in cold water. This is particulary recommend for swimwear, wich should be rinsed in cold water after each use.

Hang dry

We recommend try to hang dry when possible. This avoid fiber degradation and saves electricity.

Use a tailor

Evry body is different, you can fit your garment using a local tailor. You can hem the pants and if they are too long for you. Our garments with straps are made for tailoring, we include extra lenght so a strap can easily be altered to fit your shapes.


Minor damages can easily be repaired. If you’d like advice on reparing a minor damage, send a photo to and our team will be happy to provide suggestions.

What should I do when I'm ready to let go of my garment?


There re some great sites that can be used to sell garments you no longer wear. Check out VestiareCollective, TheRealReal and Poshmark, to give your garment a second life.


Garment donations are a big challenge for the apparel industry and society.